two little girls enjoying party-sized cupcakes

we're passionate about cupcakes

Ruby Rose Cupcakes was born out the kitchen of 'Mum entrepreneur' Rachelle Atchison. Rachelle was looking for a way to combine her artistic training with her 'Nigella' baking talents. No-one can deny they like a good cake and when Rachelle started tempting her friends and family with her creations she soon realised that her cupcakes were perfect for sharing. Now, it is time to share these delicious treats with you.

Why Ruby Rose? Well it is the middle name of her two daughters Erin Rose and Niamh Ruby, who when every time cake baking was mentioned, little excited voices of 'Can I help?' could be heard in the kitchen. With aprons on and bowls out at the ready and the chance to lick the spoons creative times began. Even when friends came to play they all wanted to make cakes too!

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a range of sprinkles in different colours and shapes
cupcakes being sprinkle
cupcakes being iced